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Please extend our thanks to all VanLandingham staff who madeTom's and my wedding weekend so special and memorable!  Every guest we have talked to has mentioned what a lovely location it was, and how the food and service were.  Thanks to you for your help answering questions and coordinating everything from our first inquiry to the final event. 


Kelly Grogan

Kelley and I had the most wonderful wedding imaginable!Thank you very much for providding us and or geusts such as outstanding experience. 

Tom Hughes

On behalf of City Dive, Inc. we want to say, "THANK YOU" for the warmth and hospitality shown to us during the Retreat on Saturday, August 31, 2013..  You and your staff were totally AMAZING, catered to our every need/request, and made us feel right at home (literally)....The Morehead Inn is a beautiful place with an inviting ambiance and our time redeemed there shall never be forgotten!
Ivory T. Miller

Thanks so much for hosting the tasting last week.  The food was AMAZING and it was so great to see everything set up, almost like a reception! I was definitely able to envision the way things will be the day of our wedding, and I couldn’t be happier!

Erin Kearney

The weekend was FANTASTIC!!  The girls really enjoyed the bed and breakfast. Everyone had a wonderful time and the Saturday night party was perfect!! Compliments to you and your staff.
Stacie Destin

Thank you SO much for everything you all did to make my birthday awesome!  We had such a great weekend and the party was amazing!  It sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves and everything went off without a hitch (from my perspective).
Thanks again for everything!

Gudrun and Jay will be in touch with you, I am sure.  But, in the meantime, Vicky and I want to say THANKS for all you did to make THE BIG DAY very special.  You and your staff were great.  You personally took the time to listen to our ideas and then you executed things so well.  It is clear that you love what you do and it shows in your work.  Our family would gladly recommend you and The Morehead Inn to anyone.

Peter Jorgenson

Thank you for all of your help making the MHA’s Chocolate Therapy event a success.  The set-up and food were wonderful, Kathy and all the staff took care of our needs.  Our guests really seemed to enjoy themselves.  Thanks for all of your time and graciousness to the MHA as a non-profit!

You were exceptionally good to work with – kind, knowledgeable, efficient, and absolutely reliable.  I wish everyone I deal with in the business world were as excellent as you; the world would be so much better if everyone were.  And to all who prepared the food for our party … you are the best!!  The food was delicious, wonderfully abundant, and beautifully presented.  It was just what I was hoping for after seeing your website.  Orchids coupled with sage leaves!  Wow!  So lovely!  The delivery and setting up of the food were smoothly, quickly and kindly done. All the guests complimented the food – and ate and ate and ate.  My heartfelt thanks go to the two chefs and all other staff members who worked on our behalf. The evening was simply beautiful in every way.  I’m still glowing. 
Margaret Wollen

I just want to say that everything turned out lovely, and we received a lot of compliments on the location of the venue, and MULTIPLE compliments about the staff (which includes yourself). You all did more than an exceptional job with everything and I could not have asked for more. I am beyond pleased with the level of service that was provided and the time that went into making our wedding reception GREAT!!!! Jack, you were EXCEPTIONAL through out the entire time of putting my wedding reception together, and I could not have asked for any one better. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
Melissa Dillahunt

Jack, I never let you know how wonderful our planning meeting went - it was just superbe - everything was just perfect, down to the most minute details.  We'll certainly plan another gathering there again.  Thanks very much for all your help!
Carol King

Jack, what a wonderful celebration!! The wedding was so sweet and so much fun!! I want to thank you for being you and making Jordan's day go so well.  The Van Landingham made us all feel so special and at home and it was commented by so many how beautiful everything was....  You are so special and I just love Jack now  ...it was a safe feeling to know Jack is in charge!!  Take care and know we appreciate all you did for us..
Jennie Lacivita


Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!!  The reception last night was absolutely beautiful.  The comments from our guest were so wonderful and addresses everything to how “perfect” it was to how we “knew how to throw a party”!  My vision of you standing in the monsoon with no umbrella and a smile on your face is proof of your character, your integrity and your passion for your job!  You promised us it would be wonderful and it was!  You kept your word despite God’s reminder that “we are not in control”!  Your “adaptability” and flexibility were so appreciated!  On behalf of Kevin and me, I would like to thank you for helping make Lauren and Bryan’s wedding a day they will never forget and I suspect one of the happiest days of their lives. 
Very kindest regards!  

Just a note to thank you for having everything ready for us the last couple of days. And, also to let you know that Rick took care of us flawlessly. I don’t think it has ever gone so smoothly. Everything from constant care with beverages to electronic needs to our lunches. I didn’t get his last name, but please pass on to whomever that we couldn’t have had a successful meeting without him.
Thank you,
Linda Bjorkman

Wow!  What an incrediable night we enjoyed for our wedding!!!  You were awesome to work with and I knew that it would be good at the Morehead Inn but it was so beyond my dreams!!  You handled everything with such professionalism and made me feel very confident in the event staff.  The entire staff that worked with us on Saturday, July 30th was wonderful.  The Inn was beautiful, setup great, and guests so happy.  The transition between wedding and reception was remarkable (I heard 7 minutes!).  While I did not get to eat at the reception, I heard that the food was so so good and looked beautiful. (I would love to have dinner at the Inn sometime to enjoy the food).  I heard raves about the food.  The entire evening was over-the-top!  You are wonderful and I would love the opportunity to work with you again!  Thank you for all you did to make that day the best of my life.  Rob and I are loving our life together!  I wanted to ask you about an event that Van is in charge of for Northside Christian Academy.  He is hosting his 25th high school reunion on October 1st.  There will be 25-30 adults in attendence.  He is looking for a very reasonable place and with reasonable prices for the dinner.  Is the library available? What kind of pricing can you do for him?  Have a wondeful day!  Thank you again for everything!!!
Missy Johnston

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are living "happily ever after"!  Our perfect wedding was immediately followed by what we feel is the perfect marriage.  We reviewed our wedding photos this weekend and wanted to thank you once again for being an absolute pleasure to work with.  You took great care of us and decreased our stress level tremendously.  We have recommended the VLE to several friends and hope to come out there again sometime for a picnic.  Hope your summer is going well...take care!
Mike and Amanda Sellers

I can't thank you enough for making Megan & Matt's wedding so beautiful and perfect Saturday.  Everything was wonderful.  I've heard nothing but praise from loads of people  that attended - the food was fabulous, the service outstanding, the house and gardens absolutely beautiful.  The list could go on.  You and your staff know what you are doing and you are very good at it!!!  You gave Megan a fairy tale wedding and I do thank you.  Unfortunately I only have one daughter so we don't have any more weddings to host, but I can assure you I will recommend without any hesitation or reservation The VanLandingham Estate to friends and family who may be planning such events in the future. Thanks again!
Marty McKenzie

I just wanted to let you and everyone who was involved in Lindsay and Jamie's wedding know how much we appreciated all the hard work that went into making it such a wonderful memory for the two of them.  I wanted Lindsay to have the wedding of her dreams, and that is exactly what she got.  I was worried about how we were going to put it together in the two hours we had following the previous wedding, but as promised, it all worked out.  A small army came out of the woodwork to make it all happen.  The food was wonderful---many compliments on how delicious everything was!  And could you believe the perfect weather? adine was extremely helpful, and a lot of fun, too!  The girls really enjoyed her being around.  But, most of all, Jack, thank you for all your help and assistance.  You reassured and kept me sane (most of the time).  I thought I was running around like a crazy person, but I think you had me beat!  At least......you knew what you were doing. I had many people tell me that they had no idea that a place like the VLE existed. I'm sure with the beauty and excellence in service, that the word will be spread!!  Thanks again for a beautiful wedding, (June 18, 2005)
Jenny Williams

Katie & I want to express or deepest appreciation and thanks for your warm, friendly, caring thoughts and your heartwarming company while we had the pleasure of staying at the Estate.  You ladies made our trip most enjoyable and we look forward to our next visit.  Until then!
Mary & Katie

Although you were very much missed on Saturday, Jack and Adam did a bang up job.  Just as I expected.  But this note is to single you out as one of the best project planners and mangers I have had the privilege of being coupled.  I could not have completed the task of the reception with such ease if you had not been there to tie all of the lose ends together.  You were friendly pleasant and so very helpful.. You even encouraged me when I was discouraged.  I do not know how to express my thanks to you for the wonderful day.  Everything was just perfect.  Everyone had a marvelous experience.  The Bride and Groom enjoyed themselves, because all of the details were handled with such ease and grace.  Your input was invaluable.  I feel like I made a friend.  When all was said and done, we felt as if for a few hours we had been transported to something akin to Neverland.  Expect to hear from me some day very soon and we will celebrate a successful partnership.  Thank you again for being such a god send.  You are a true asset to your company.
Beth Upchurch

Just wanted to say thank you once again for making Ruth and John's weekend so special.  From the luncheon to the final breakfast on Sunday, you and your staff were most gracious and helpful in every way.  We really appreciate the willingness of everyone to do what was asked with smiles on their faces.  My special thanks to Adam for working throughout the weekend and especially to YOU for all the planning and preparations that you most graciously sat through.  Many of our guests made comments to us about what a great facility The Morehead Inn was and many also said they had never been to an event there, so hopefully the weekend will also provide some additional business for you.  We will with highest recommendations do our best to be good advertising for you all.  Finally, as a hugh compliment--Ruth said to me Saturday night when she and John were leaving, "Thank you for making the day so perfect"--which of course would never have happened without you and all your terrific staff!  We're still holding out for Kathryn to use your facilities--and thankfully we'll have a few years to build up the "coffers."
All the Best,

Just a quick note to THANK YOU for all your help this past Saturday with the Segura reception.  Sometimes, folks just need to be pulled along to get them to do things I guess.  You allowing the first dances on the patio was a FANTASTIC touch- the guests really enjoyed it and the bride and groom commented at the end of the night how romantic it was. You proved AGAIN, why the VanLandingham and the Morehead Inn are THE place to have your special events- you take such good care of everyone involved! 
See you soon,
Bill the DJ

I just wanted to thank you very much for helping Spruce and I have such a special wedding day.  Everything was perfect.  You are very good at what you do.  People can’t stop bragging about what a beautiful wedding and ceremony it was.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  You made everything run smoothly at the wedding and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.  It was the wedding that I have always dreamed of having.  It was a pleasure working with you.
Thank you very much,

I want to thank the staff of the VanLandingham Estate.  Our daughter's wedding was spectacular. Twenty one years ago my wife and I had our wedding at the Morehead Inn.  Several years ago my niece had her wedding at the Morehead Inn.  My daughter liked the VanLandingham Estate.  Julie was perfect. She was fun to work with and  in the last days before the wedding totally attentive.  On the day of the wedding, she a true gem. She was  cool, responded to every request of parents, bride and groom and quests. She found candles that were better than the ones  I brought, pins to keep flowers together, and made sure  everything went well. She was always engaged in our wedding plans and a Jewish wedding. She is an asset to the  Inn and Estate.  My daughter told us that she had the "wedding that I wanted".  You have helped give us a family event that will always be remembered. 
Allen B. Saxe

We simply cannot thank you enough for being our “rock” and our friend during all the planning and details of our wedding.  You assured us at every point, so we knew we never had to be concerned about even the most minor detail.  We hoped to find something for you in addition to the check in Italy, but believe it or not, that unique and amazing country simply didn’t show us a treasure worth bringing home to you that could possible express our gratitude.  You’re amazing!! 
Kelly and Marcy

Just a note to thank you again for all you did to make Laura and Jon’s day even more special. You and all your staff could not have been more delightful to work with and we appreciate all you did on our behalf. On a apersonal note-we loved working with you, the ease and grace with which you did your job made us all more comfortable.  All the best to you in the future.
Best Regards,
Ann VanDyke

Luis and I have returned froma fantastic honeymoon in Italy and are settling into a “normal” life.  Last month seems like a wonderful whirlwind of events.  It was bittersweet to see it all come to an end, but Luis and I are now enjoying the fun, newness, and excitement of learning to live as husband and wife.  Marriage adds a certain sweetness even to everyday routines. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me with my reception at VanLandingham.  You were always so available, proffesional and enthusiastic.  You really gave me a very low-sressed experience of planning a wedding. I will be happy happy to recommend VanLandingham to future brides.  I will always remember your help and kindness during this important time. With warmest regards,
Carey Hagler Moreno

I just feel I need to properly thank you for all you did to make Kelly and Troy’s wedding the perfect day.  I had heard that you run a “tight ship” and I saw that first hand on Saturday.  Your whole staff worked quickly and efficiently behind the scenes, always anticipating our needs.  When you left I felt very good in Adam’s capable care. I will never forget how quickly you always answered my emails (except for one – Ha!) and I’ll never forget the genuine concerned in your face (and Savannah’s) the day we came out to see the tent.  I know you both would have done anything at that point to make things work.  But in the end, Kelly got her dream wedding in exactly the location she wanted.  We will never forget that day, nor will we forget you.  Thank you from myself, Tom and Mr. and Mrs. Gallo!! p.s. Thanks also to Savannah for her sweet words to me the morning of the wedding.  She will be a genuine asset to the VanLandingham.
Jackie Lawing

Cliffand I cannot thank you enough for all your help with our rehearsal dinner.  You and everyone at the Morehead Inn could not have been more fun to work with.  The food and setting was absolutely perfect and we really appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.  We will absolutely recommend the Morehead Inn to others and if we ever plan another dinner party, you will be our first call.  Thank you again!
Katherine Coley

Just a note to thank you for all you did for us to make Carrie & Jason’s wedding reception a wonderful day to remember.  Family and friends had a great time and were so impressed by everything; the facility, the food, the professionalism of you and the Morehead Inn staff.  We wouldn’t change a thing.  It was so special.  
Thank you!
Vickie and Jerry Porter

Thank you for all your help in making Carmen’s wedding day a success. Your professionalism made it seem like a piece of cake.  Your help was invaluable.  Even the weather held out for us.  I can’t thank you enough. 
Rose Wooten

Thank you Julie. I thought the whole evening was beautiful. It went by without a hitch, thanks to you and the wonderful staff at the VanLandingham. I really appreciate how thorough you were to the last detail. I felt more like a guest than a host. Emily and Vlad will have nothing but the fondest of memories. My family and friends had a wonderful time and they loved the ambiance of the VanLandingham. The vendors you recommended were fabulous. I can not think of one detail I would change. Best to you Julie and thank you again.
Jane Schmidt

On behalf of UNC Charlotte, I would like to thank you and your staff for making the Meeting and Event Planning Class a wonderful experience for our attendees.  Your attention to detail and customer service was clearly exceptional.  We were delighted to have you give the group a tour of the Estate and walk us through the grounds. The food was fabulous and those brownies, as my students mentioned, “were the best they ever had!”.   We appreciate your hospitality and look forward to having events in the future at The VanLandingham Estate.  Thank you again!

Margaret Rozzi


I hope word got back to you that we had a wonderful time throughout our rehearsal dinner and couldn't come up with any complaints about your venue and staff should we have even tried.  The food was delicious, and pretty much everyone commented on how beautiful the space was.
Patricia Williams

Hi. We met briefly last Saturday nite when you were putting the finishing touches on the Anniversary Dinner for the Lueck's at the Harwood Room. The dinner and everything was great, went smoothly, wonderful food, relaxing atmosphere and I/we cannot thank you enough. All the family had a terrific time.
We appreciate all the attention to details. Have a great July 4. 
Thank you very much
Fran (Lueck) Phillips




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